GLBA Auditing You Look Forward To?!!

INS has decades of experience in the credit union and IT worlds, and is painfully aware of just how stressful GLBA compliance audits can be for the CEO of any credit union. With complex requirements that are constantly being modified or going up for review, and exhaustive instructions that include tedious amounts of unnecessary information, the very phrase “GLBA audit” can provoke hushed tones.

That’s why we launched our Credit Union Chief Information Officer program (CUCIO). IT companies abound to choose from, but only INS has 30 years of experience in both the credit union and IT industries, headed by a nationally respected leader in cyber security. We are the IT company that audits other IT companies.

That means big things for credit unions.

It means instead of paying several different firms or salaries for multiple categories of work, you can work with one firm of dozens of professionally certified experts that cover every IT need, from phone systems to Wi-Fi to networks and more – all within the context of making your credit union more secure. We go above and beyond mere “GLBA compliance” because we get what’s at the heart of those regulations in the first place: the people you serve and the employees that serve them.

Every facet of your information technology comes together in the broader picture of your efficiency, security, and productivity. It’s not just about the big things, like your firewalls or data backup and recovery process, it’s about all of the little things that work together to form the bigger picture. Are your employees empowered to perform at their highest level? Are your members aware of their own security measures? How does everything come together in your credit union to support the broader scope of security?

Security isn’t just about GLBA compliance; it’s about the comfort of feeling sheltered from a chaotic world of risk and loss. It’s about the people behind the machines, not the machines themselves. INS is so passionate about this one idea that we made it our company motto, “It’s about people, not machines.” It’s not about the regulations and systems we comb through; it’s about you. And your employees, and your members.

Innovative Network Solutions is the IT “security” firm. We are in the unique position of having nationally respected authority in cyber security at our helm, and CUCIO is our way of offering that sense of comfort and shelter to all of our credit union clients. Instead of stress and fear, you get to look forward to our audits. Because our overhaul doesn’t just ensure GLBA compliance; it ensures your credit union is operating at its maximum health from top to bottom.

We do an initial audit that thoroughly documents all issues, and then provide you with a full consultation on how to best address them. After we implement your solutions, we do another audit to prove that everything is operating as it should, with optimal security. Then, on a continual basis, we provide monthly monitoring, reporting, and maintenance to ensure that your credit union is consistently generating peace of mind and happiness; making it about the people, not the machines.

It means you get to smile at the thought of your next GLBA audit.