Your Credit Union’s Chief Information Officer

Put all of your IT and cyber security needs under the care of top-level professionals.

With the experience we have in the credit union industry, we know that your IT needs can’t be just handed off to entry level technicians who are just finding their way. Your business and information will be directly cared for by one of our highest level IT managers. Our senior IT management has decades of experience and knowledge that will provide you with the wisdom and actions you need on your side. What’s more, our experts will not leave your team in the dark on any of our products or services. INS is there to provide you with Information Security consulting, training and education you need on our products or your own systems. We have decades of experience behind our training methods; let us put that experience to work for you!

CISSP Development, Review, and Training

Requirements and regulations involving your Comprehensive Information System Security Program (CISSP) are always growing and changing, and INS is here to help. Our staff will streamline the process to remove the headaches and unanswered questions typically involved in developing your security program. We have the insider knowledge you want standing behind your security program development, and we have the eagle-eye vision you want over your ongoing CISSP review. With 30 years of experience in the business of credit unions, and industry-leading expertise in security, INS can also provide the training you need to make your CISSP implementation painless and efficient.


With so many products and services surrounding your security, and so many options and avenues for training and preparation, it can be overwhelming for credit unions to determine the wisest allocation of time and money toward the protection of their clients. In the area of responsible budgeting, INS has the kind of wisdom only acquired through decades of experience with widely varying companies and needs. We will help you determine what areas are most critical for your investments, and the best solutions available for any budget. We will work with your individual situation in order to accomplish the best possible results for you and your customers.

Support That's There When You Need It

INS offers a system and degree of support that is unrivaled. We provide our credit union clients a monthly technology update (also known as a CIO Executive Summary) to keep you up to speed on the performance of your IT systems. Technical support is always a phone call away . Instead of sifting through countless options in an automated response system, or being transferred to someone who speaks poor English halfway across the globe, INS clients enjoy immediate, 24/7 access to live, local, in-house talent. When a problem comes up or an urgent question needs answering, you don’t want to be stuck waiting around for an answer. We all know the frustration of dealing with customer service that is painful to reach. We here at INS put ourselves in your shoes, and always keep in mind that our availability and the quality and efficiency of our support services affects real people, just like us. We are always there when you need us. Period.

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