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Cyber Security Programs

INS has the experience you need on your side for relief from the exponentially growing threats to your cyber security. We don’t just throw a few protective measures together and call it a day. We here at INS take credit union information security program development seriously. We work with credit unions to create a complete cyber security program. INS performs ongoing security checks and maintenance to ensure you are protected from problems and threats before they occur. Senior INS technicians perform a careful audit and analysis of your current security measures, testing for holes and thoroughly examining every aspect of your systems and networks. Once your security is confirmed, we stay on top of things with monthly security program reports.

How Does Security Program Development Work?

First, our team meets with you to determine what you need for your Credit Union Information Security Program Development:

  • Risk Assessment
  • IT Policies
  • Comprehensive Information Security Program
  • Documentation of policies and procedures
  • Compliance

Second, we help you edit what is required, get board approval, and train your staff.

Third, we run the full audit and document the results.

Finally, we can help you maintain the program on an ongoing basis.

...All for the lowest cost in the industry. Many plans are less than $100 per month!

High End Security

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